About Nordic Academy

Nordic Academy is an Indo-Swede Talent Mapping and Upskilling company. We find bright people, get them job ready and map them with companies.
We are a part of Indpro AB, a Swedish IT Services company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and ODCs in India, Germany and USA.

When we started our journey back in 2020, it was a different world. We could see the demand supply gap for digital talents that was just starting to make it’s presence felt will only grow bigger, but there was no way we could see what was coming. What we were expecting to happen in the next 10 years, happened almost overnight. But the acute shortage of digital talents that the industry is experiencing now has been in the making for some time.

Nordic Academy is trying to bridge this gap through time efficient, accelerated learning programs.
By taking care of the digital talents pipeline and removing bad hiring risks, we are letting companies focus more on growth.

Our mission – why we exist

We have a core belief that everyone has talent. What some might lack is exposure to proper leaning, learning that is application focused and not a mug up process, focused solely on exam scores.
There is no shortage to talents, India alone adds over 100 thousand fresh engineering graduates to the stack every year, add to that a pool of individuals that are willing to make career switch and get into IT.

Our mission is to get these talents ready for the industry, map them with companies and bridge the talent gap.

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