Join our Campus Ambassador Program, become a Micropreneur.

micropreneur noun


:a micropreneur is a driven individual who runs a small-scale business operation, leveraging strategic planning, marketing, and personalized service to achieve success.

Come join us!



What’s in it for you

Hands-on Business Experience

Gain practical knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship by actively participating in running a small-scale business.

professional growth

Professional development

Enhance your leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities through real-world business challenges.

Networking opportunities

Connect with like-minded students, industry professionals, and potential mentors, expanding your network for future career prospects.

Resume booster

Stand out from the crowd with a unique experience that demonstrates your entrepreneurial mindset and initiative to potential employers.

Creative freedom

Unleash your innovative ideas and contribute to the growth and success of the program, making a tangible impact.

Exclusive perks

Enjoy special incentives, rewards, and recognition for your contributions as a campus ambassador.

Mentorship and guidance

Receive guidance and support from experienced professionals who will help nurture your entrepreneurial spirit.

Skill diversification

Acquire a diverse skill set encompassing marketing, sales, customer relations, and project management, equipping you for various future endeavors.

What will you do

Engage in thought sessions

Engage in creative thinking to address actual business challenges and develop growth-oriented solutions.


Efficiently execute your ideas to make tangible, real-time impact and achieve measurable results.


Build valuable connections that foster skill development and propel your journey into the corporate world.

Who all can apply 
Current students of any year/semester of any course can apply.


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