Akash Gautam

Nordic Academy Graduate

Job Title:

.NET Developer at Indpro AB

Job Location:


Training started: Nov’ 2021
Training Completed: Jan’ 2022
Offer Letter received: Feb’ 2022

Akash started his journey with Nordic Academy in November, 2021 and completed it in January, 2022. 

Before his  journey with Nordic Academy: 

Akash Guatam is from Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Akash is a fitness enthusiast, loves travelling and exploring. He described himself as a curious person who along with his own field of education loves to dig into other domains in his spare time.

Akash came to know about Nordic academy in his final year as he was weighing his options after graduation. 

I was getting worried, as my options were running out and I was already in my final year. Getting selected at Nordic Academy calmed my nerves.” 

His journey with Nordic Academy: 

When asked about how he got to know about Nordic Academy, he mentioned receiving a call for the orientation programme. Well, that must’ve been one very important call for Akash, cause it ended up impacting his life and career in more ways than one. 

At the beginning of his course, things were moving a bit slowly and he was a little lost. This is quite common, as during our college education we hardly put any focus on the application part of things. And at Nordic Academy, everything was hands on. It’s a big leap, but an important leap.

But like the saying goes, all good things take time, and as time went by, Akash could see the clear picture and was assured that he is on the right path.

When asked about his honest take, this is what he had to say;

“In this era where many, especially if you are not from a tier I or tier II college, are struggling for jobs and appropriate skills, Nordic Academy helps you by not only bridging that all important skill gap but also by providing you with a job offer.
So if you complete the program, your job is practically guaranteed. And icing on the cake is you will not pay anything upfront!”

How it has impacted his life: 

Akash quoted his experience with Nordic Academy as unique and career defining. He said that it helped him gain the skills that he felt he was lacking. Just within a few months, Akash landed a job as a Software Engineer at IndPro. We have to say, all his hard work finally paid off. 

Word of advice for upcoming students: 

“This is a unique opportunity, make sure you put your best foot in. It will be unlike anything you’ve experienced so far in your life, it will be challenging but trust me, it’s worth it.” 

Want to get your career on the right track like Akash? 

Nordic Academy might have something for you. Kickstart your career with a swag!

Email us at info@nordicacademy.net

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