Anubhav Kumar

Nordic Academy Graduate

Job Title:

.NET Developer at Indpro AB

Job Location:


Training started: Nov’ 2021
Training Completed: Jan’ 2022
Offer Letter received: Feb’ 2022

Anubhav started his journey with Nordic Academy back in November 2021 and is currently working as a full time .NET developer.

Before his  journey with Nordic Academy: 

Anubhav comes from the district of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. He describes himself as a person who is good at solving problems and coming up with a solution after analyzing all the possibilities.

I am someone who understands the problem, goes through all the possible aspects and finds the accurate solution.” 

He also describes himself as a team player, a skill he learned through his love for sports. As he has mentioned that he loves sports and spends most of his free time playing basketball. Ever since Anubhav was a young boy, he had a dream of becoming a computer engineer and was working super hard to achieve his dream. But sometimes our dreams change along the way and that’s exactly what happened with Anubhav. As he was pursuing his degree in computer science engineering, he gained an interest in coding. And hence came Nordic Academy into his life. 

Anubhav was introduced to Nordic Academy through his university’s placement cell and the one thing that caught his eye was its guaranteed job offer after the training.

A lot of institutions offer training and upskilling but not many offer a job, that too without paying a rupee in advance! I decided to join the Nordic Academy because it was going to help me enhance my skills and also help me get a job.” 

His journey with Nordic Academy: 

Anubhav described his journey with Nordic Academy as extremely helpful. He said that when he first got enrolled he had no idea about coding or its basics and the training really helped him in teaching everything that was necessary. He had to take evening classes since he had to attend his college classes during the day. 

The main reason why he joined Nordic Academy was because of their one-of-a-kind training programme and assured job offer. He said that the training programme helped him gain all the necessary skills that are needed by any fresher to kick-start their career in IT. These skills are usually lacking in every fresher because their curriculum is often unable to cover all these things and that’s one area Nordic Academy really helped him through. 

When asked about his honest take, this is what he had to say;

 was at zero level when I came to know about Nordic Academy. Then I enrolled there and it helped me not only enhance my skills but also provided me with platforms to get the job. So, this was my sweet and helpful journey with Nordic Academy.

How it has impacted his life: 

Anubhav’s hard work and dedication to coding finally paid off and he’s currently working as a .NET developer at Indpro AB, a Swedish IT services company. And he is enjoying his work and really satisfied with the results of his training. 

Want to get your career on the right track like Anubhav? 

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