Bengaluru chills while rest of India sizzles

May 22nd, 2022

by Khushi Choudhary, Market Research Intern at Nordic Academy

Bengaluru has been facing heavy downpours for the past week, whereas the rest of India is going through heat waves! If you’re planning for a short Manali trip (broke version) book your tickets to Bengaluru now. While the rest of India is beating the unbearable heat with air conditioners and cool summer drinks, Bengaluru has seemed to have found a natural solution for beating the heat. It has simply reset back to winter. 

Well, chilly winds and rain are enjoyable for a day or two, but this continuous downpour is now getting annoying for Bangalorians. As reported by Indiatoday, the incessant downpour has disturbed normal living in many sections of the state since Tuesday. Because of the second day of severe rainfall, Dakshina Kannada district Deputy Commissioner K V Rajendra declared a holiday for all government, aided, and unaided elementary and high schools. Thursday brought no relief from the rain in the state capital, as it rained for the third day in a row. Rainwater surged into low-lying regions, making it difficult for families to remove it. 

On Tuesday, the IMD issued an Orange signal for Bengaluru’s urban and rural areas, anticipating severe rain for the next 4-5 days. The southwest monsoon has pushed into the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, signifying the start of the four-month seasonal rains, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). 

But like any other time, social media is always there to lift ‌your spirits up. #Bengaluru chills while India sizzles has been trending on twitter for days, where fellow locals are sharing their thoughts on the continuous downpour. We see some refer to Bengaluru as a refrigerator owing to its chilliness, while some state that Bengaluru weather is better than Shimla and Mussoorie. So if you live in Bengaluru and are stuck inside with nothing to do, here’s something that you can do to cheer you up: 

✔️  Watch Netflix, cause it is the perfect weather for snuggles and binge watching from bed. 🍿 🍿 ▶️

✔️  Try your hand at cooking and give the swiggy/zomato delivery guys a rest from traveling in this rain 👉 👩‍🍳

✔️  Watch other people complain about the heat and be grateful 🥵 🥵 🥵

✔️  And lastly, take a break and enjoy the weather while it lasts! 🌦 ☔️ 🌈

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