Md. Wasim Akram

Nordic Academy Graduate

Job Title:

Frontend Developer at Indpro AB

Job Location: Bengaluru
Training started: Feb’ 2021 Training Completed: May’ 2022 Offer Letter received: June’ 2022

Wasim started his journey with Nordic Academy in March 2022. Even though he was from a pharmaceutical background, he landed a front-end development job! Let’s see how Wasim made his journey from being a clinical executive at Manipal Hospital to a full-time front end developer

Before his  journey with Nordic Academy: 

Coming from the state of West Bengal, Wasim describes himself as a patient, hardworking person who is a quick learner with leadership skills. Along with this, Wasim enjoys playing football every Friday with his college friends, he is good at sports, enjoys reading novels and listens to music. He also has an interest in travelling. 

Wasim was introduced to the world of coding through his college projects during his graduation in Pharmacy. He had to learn languages like C++ and the basics of C and this really piqued his interest. Unfortunately, his interest in coding could not be encouraged further due to the changes made by the Pharmacy Council of India and his university had to stop the programmes.

During my college projects we learned the basics of C and C++ but after some changes made by PCI, our college had to stop the programme. But since I gained interest in that area, I continued to learn.” 

After that, Wasim continued his study in Pharmacy and after graduation started working as a clinical executive for the Negative Pressure Therapy Wound (NPWT) in Manipal Hospital. He had also worked in a pharmaceutical company before that, named Triage Meditech. But his real interest in coding kept calling him and he finally gave in when his cousin recommended him to Nordic Academy’s training programme. Thus began his career-changing journey with Nordic Academy! 

His journey with Nordic Academy: 

Wasim started his journey with Nordic Academy back in March of 2022. Coming from a totally different background in Pharmacy, his knowledge of computers was comparatively low and there was a lot for him to learn. The journey was tough and challenging, but Wasim didn’t give up. What started out as just a hobby, ended up being his profession thanks to his perseverance. 

I had an amazing journey with the Nordic academy. I loved the way they guided us and taught us. Also, the management persons are very helpful. The main thing about the Nordic academy is that they gave us real-life project base knowledge, not textbook knowledge.

After 3 months of training, Wasim finally got a job offer as a Front end developer and we have to say, his hard work paid off. What started as just a mere hobby ended up being a full-time profession for Wasim! 

That was the life-changing story of Md. Wasim Akram. Feeling inspired enough to follow your dreams and passion now? If it’s a yes, Nordic Academy may have something for you. Kickstart your career with swag with the help of our training programme!


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