Ritik Bardiyar

Nordic Academy Graduate

Job Title:

Frontend Developer at Indpro AB

Job Location:


Training started: Feb’ 2021
Training Completed: May’ 2022
Offer Letter received: June’ 2022

Ritik started his journey with Nordic Academy in February 2022 while doing his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Sarla Birla University and has already bagged his first job as a frontend developer! Let’s see how a Mechanical engineering fresher managed to kick-start his career as a full time front-end developer with just a few months of training!

Before his  journey with Nordic Academy: 

Coming from the capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Ritik describes himself as a hardworking and driven individual who is not afraid of challenges. He is passionate about his work and knows how to get it done. Along with that, he is honest and tries to help other people. He is a budding songwriter and composer, who enjoys playing outdoor games, painting and designing. His passion for music and songwriting led him to open a YouTube channel, where he uploaded a few songs written and composed by himself. Though his busy college schedule does not allow him much free time, he spends his free time writing lyrics and composing songs whenever he gets little time. 

Along with his passion for music and songwriting, Ritik wanted to contribute to the forward-thinking and fast-moving IT industry but being a mechanical engineering student, he often felt like an outsider. He always wanted to create websites, applications and animations. After intensive training and a lot of hard work, his dreams are finally coming true! 

I realised that most of the work is now computerised and coding based. That’s why I shifted my background from mechanical to software.” 

His journey with Nordic Academy: 

In the beginning, Ritik was concerned about how he would cope with everything, given that he was from a completely different background and his skills in computers were not his strongest area. He was worried that because of this he wouldn’t make it.

Being from a different branch, my basics in computer science were very weak, and I was initially not sure that I could make it. But the learning path and the mentoring at Nordic Academy cleared all my doubts and instilled the all important confidence that I was lacking

How it has impacted his life: 

Ritik went from being a mechanical engineering student with zero software knowledge to landing a job as a trainee engineer. He is enjoying his work where he now gets to build websites using languages like JavaScript and TypeScript on React. And we are glad that we could help him in this journey.

I believe I have the knowledge to succeed in this role and in the company. I’m excited about this job opportunity and want to improve further in this company.” 

Want to turn around like Ritik did? 

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