Rust programming bootcamp

The Roadmap – Flexible Onboarding Points

Total duration of this program is 9 days (36 hours). Based on your current level of Rust knowledge, you can onboard at your preferred point. 

Rust – Beginners { from Beginners to Intermediate }

Rust - safety, speed, concurrency, cargo, Crates and Modules

  • Installation and Tour of Rust
  • Functions and Implementations
  • Fighting the Borrow checker
  • Let’s write a simple web server
  • Workspace organization
  • Modules and Paths

Expression and Utilities

  • Blocks
  • Declarations
  • Conditionals
  • Operators
  • Type Casting
  • Borrows, Mut, Referencing
  • Functions
  • Structs and Implementations

Iterators and Collections

  • Vectors
  • Linked Lists
  • HashMaps and HashSets
  • Binary Heaps
  • Drop, Sized, Clone, Copy
  • Custom Collection types

Ownership and References

  • Ownership, a new paradigm
  • Moves
  • Copy types
  • Shared ownership
  • Lifetimes

Rust – Advanced { from Intermediate to Pro }

Structs, Enums and Patterns

  • Named Field Structs
  • Tuple Like structs
  • Unit Like Structs
  • Defining Methods with impl
  • Enums with Data
  • Enums in Memory
  • Patterns

Input and Output

  • Readers and Writers
  • Buffered Readers
  • Binary data, compression and Serialization
  • Files and Directories
  • OsStr and Path
  • Path and PathBuf Methods
  • FileSystem Access Functions
  • Platform Specific Features
  • Networking

Fearless concurrency

  • Fork-Join parallelism
  • Channels
  • Shared Mutable state
  • Deadlocks
  • Unsafe Blocks

Unsafe Rust

  • Unsafe Functions
  • Raw pointers
  • Foreign Functions: Calling C/C++ Functions

Advanced usage and bottlenecks

  • Gotchas and best practices


Meet your instructor

Gnanavel Mutharasu

Trainer, Program Mentor

  Tampere University, Indian Institute of Science

  Chadura tech (CEO), USDC (Vice President of Technology)

Research Papers

Rust is the most loved language for 7 consecutive years running in stack overflow surveys. Rust is safety and speed at scale, many-folds faster than Python, Java or GO.
This program is designed and delivered by some of the leading Rust programming experts from the industry. You learn everything hands-on here. 
During this 9 day long bootcamp you will face real world challenges, ideate, collaborate with peers, learn how to find a solution and apply it.
So come aboard if you are up for this exciting, challenging and career transforming 9 day journey!


Highly recommended | See reviews

Includes live sessions, assignments, challenges, documentations, one-to-one sessions, live chat support, projects and a verified certificate


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Onboarding options & Pricing


We start from scratch. Rust is not just another programming language, it’s a paradigm shift. And it’s found in studies that people with no prior exposure to any programming language in-fact adopted it faster!

4 days, from Day 1 to Day 4.
Total hours:16 (4 hours a day (2+2), with a 45 min recess between sessions)

Click to download the detail curriculum.
Here is a snapshot of what will be covered under the “Beginners” sprint.

Program fee

Certificate issued

Who can go with this option

  • If you are looking to test the water before fully committing yourself
  • Your calendar is super tight, you can’t squeeze out more than 4-5 days at a stretch

OPTION 2 – RUST advanced

If you don’t want to start from scratch and/or already know the fundamentals of Rust you can join at this point. This will take you from the intermediate level to the advanced.

5 days, from Day 5 to Day 9.
Total hours:20 (4 hours a day (2+2), with a 45 min recess between sessions)

Click to download the detail curriculum.
Here is a snapshot of what will be covered under the “Advanced” sprint.

Program fee

Certificate issued

Who can go with this option

  • If you have the fundamental knowledge but want to take it to the next level
  • If you have already done the “Rust – Beginners” program with us

OPTION 3 – RUST complete

If you want to start from scratch and reach the pro level, you can opt for this complete program.

9 days, from Day 1 to Day 9.
Total hours:36 (4 hours a day (2+2), with a 45 min recess between sessions)

Click to download the detail curriculum.
Here is a snapshot of what will be covered under the “Advanced” sprint.

Program fee

Certificate issued

Who can go with this option

  • If you want to start from zero and get to the advanced level


Getting a certificate online has become easier than ever. Everyones trying to make it as easy and as convenient as possible. There are programs that hardly demands any effort, you can almost sleepwalk through them in your spare time, get a certificate, share it on social media and then move on to the next trophy.
But are we forgetting the old saying, when it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is.
Success that comes after overcoming the toughest challenges, are the ones most cherished.
No, Nordic Academy doesn’t have an agenda to purposefully make it difficult for you, but our program designs and delivery processes are not influenced by “make-it-easy” game factors.
We do what is best for you. Our mission is to ensure, every minute, every penny you spend during this journey adds some value.
At the end of the journey, yes, you do get a certificate, but that’s the icing, not the cake itself.

Example use cases of Rust

⇒ Build command line interfaces (CLI)
⇒ Zero latency lambda functions for AWS
⇒ Large-scale, high-performance, resource intensive and complex systems
⇒ Multi-binary software suits for enterprise pipelines
⇒ Wrapper around legacy C/C++ code to make it safer
⇒ Zero cost abstractions for Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
⇒ Embedded systems, device drivers and Linux Kernel modules
⇒ High performing Python and R packages in pure Rust
⇒ Ultrafast database interfaces with complex data structures
⇒ Operating system modules and utility functions
⇒ Computer vision and fast data visualization pipelines
⇒ Superfast digital signal processing (DSP)
⇒ Near native performance on the web with web-assembly
⇒ Games and Blockchain development


Certificates are awesome, but only when they are earned.
After successfully completing the bootcamp, you will receive your verified course certificate from Nordic Academy, verifying that you now got the skills, not just on paper, but to solve real world problems as well.

You can now proudly share your certificate in the certificate section of your Linkedin profile, on your resume and any other documents.

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