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Nordic Academy brings to the table time efficient, result oriented and outcome focused accelerated learning programs to reduce skill shortages. Hire job-ready digital talents, ready to get going from day one.


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Demand for digital skills is going through the roof. Workforce is the biggest asset of your organization. But with demand and supply gap widening it is getting more and more difficult to find skilled people. This has snowballed into a situation where recruitment has become riskier, more expensive and difficult. 

Nordic Academy has you covered with flexible talent solutions designed to get all the risk factors and uncertainties related to hiring off the table and help you build a dynamic workforce for now and the future.

Nordic Academy’s
Business Talent Suite – how it works

Every business has it’s unique set of challenges, understanding your requirement is a critical part of the journey. Transparent communication is the key. Finding talents that best fit your requirement and getting them ready for the positions is our sole focus during the journey. 

1. Workshop - Understanding requirement, designing learning path

For us it’s important that when you hire talents, they settle into the job as seamlessly as possible. 

To ensure that, understanding the company culture and clear information on what would be expected from these future employees is important. Having a comprehensive understanding is critical to designing the best possible learning path.

2. Talent hunt - Finding the best talents

Equipped with a clear understanding of your wants, needs and values we start our talent hunt.

These are some of the sources from where we get candidates;

College and university campuses

Profile: Final year students, recent graduates

Online applications

Profile: Individuals looking for a career switch.

Candidates who pass the assessment test are onboarded for the program. Their profiles are shared with you. 

3. Accelerated learning program

Our programs are intensive, fast paced and focused. Everything is hands-on and is designed to make them fit for the job role in the fastest possible way. 

You can check on their progress from time to time during the training. 

4. Onboarding job ready talents

After graduation, a permanent employment either via our partner company Indpro AB or directly on your payroll awaits. 

5. Extended Performance Support (EPS)

As a part of the deal you get a senior professional who will be working as – mentor plus performance coach, whose job will be to – GET THE JOB DONE.

Download the “Business Talent Suite” brochure to understand the process in detail


Nordic Academy grads work at companies like

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